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This estimate is for guidance purposes only. You shouldn’t make any decisions based on the information provided or use them as accounting, tax, or financial advice. Number of countries may vary.
Calculate and compare employment costs in 190 countries!
Global Payroll Calculator is a one-click tool for global businesses and service providers to calculate and compare full employment costs including taxes worldwide.
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Use our global payroll calculator to gain insights on employer and employee taxes and contributions in any country worldwide


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Global Payroll Calculator Benefits
Streamlined automated payroll cost calculations vs manual calculations​
Easy to Use
Provide simple details such as country, gross salary, local or expat workforce, period of employment, and currency.
Costs Comparison Worldwide
Compare employment costs in different countries - instantly and effortlessly on one page.
Full Tax Breakdown
Get a complete breakdown of employer and employee taxes and contributions, gross to net, monthly or yearly, with or without holiday accruals, and more!
Up-to-Date Taxation Base
Global Payroll Calculator is always up-to-date with the latest tax regulations in 190 countries, so you can plan international employment costs accurately.
Plan your global employment budget within seconds
HR • Finance • Executives •Founders
  • Estimate the cost of employment of your global workforce
  • Get a complete breakdown of employer and employee taxes and contributions for local and expat workers in your target country.
  • Get instant up-to-date tax rates and remain 100% compliant when hiring your global workforce.
  • Calculate your employees’ net take-home salary and use your results to make attractive offers to job candidates.
  • Get in-country payroll taxation explanatory notes.
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Compare employment cost and help your clients make better global hiring decisions.
Recruiters • Executive search • Staffing • EOR & PEO • MSPs • Global Mobility • Audit • Payroll & Accounting • Legal & Compliance
  • Streamline the proposal or RFP process to outbid your competition
  • Add value for your clients by informing them about employer and employee contributions and taxes in foreign countries
  • Enhance your credibility and expertise as a global service provider
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Payroll glossary to help you make the most of calculator
Gross salary
total amount of salary an employee receives on a predetermined schedule before tax and insurance deductions.
Employee taxes / deductions
these are the deductions from the Gross salary depending on the individual and country. These taxes may include Personal Income Tax, Social Security contributions, and health care taxes that a country, state, or province imposes.
Net Salary
also referred to as “take home pay”, this is the salary amount an employee receives after all deductions.
Employer burden / contributions / taxes
tax liabilities imposed on employers.
Total Payroll Cost
Payroll costs consist of all costs incurred by an employer to compensate its employees. These costs include employee compensation and the employer-paid portion of all payroll taxes
Local / Expat
Tax Resident / Tax Non-Resident
Total Employment Cost
The actual amount paid for all employee wages and benefits. This includes wages, salaries, commissions, employer match of taxes such as social security and Medicare, employer paid insurance premiums and pension deposits as well as the cost of all other fringe benefits.
Global Employment
worldwide employment of overseas personnel.
Global Employment Outsourcing = Global Employer of Record = Global/International PEO (Professional Employer Organization) = International Payroll
the service used as a vehicle for global expansion with a light footprint and risk-averse compliant employment of overseas personnel. Helping companies launch, expand and operate in global markets and use other people’s assets – local legal entities - as vehicles to hire, compensate, provide benefits to their international workforce as well as helps companies transfer their culture, values and Employer Branding to this remote foreign personnel.
Express Global Employment ™
the solution helping companies onboard their foreign employees fast, within 72 hours, when the need to do so is urgent. It is aimed at employing both local citizens and foreigners (expats) for you in time-critical situations when you need them hired on the spot.
Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
a company technically "employing" the workers and handling all their HR-related issues.
International Recruitment
Searching and selecting the right candidates to be employed globally. International Recruitment complements Global Employer of Record service.