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Global Payroll Calculator helps you

Global Payroll Calculator helps you get instant estimates of employment cost, broken down by employer contributions and employee taxes, in any of your target countries without having to wait days or even weeks from local accountants and providers. It incorporates regular legislation updates in 190 countries to give you up-to-date calculations, latest information, and insights. You will be required to register when using it for the first time. We provide full customer support for the Global Payroll Calculator users.

Disclaimer: Please note that these calculators are for informational purposes only and you should not place any reliance on, or make any decisions based on the information provided by such calculators. Do not use as accounting, tax, or financial advice. See full Disclaimer.


Using this online payroll calculator, you can gain insights on employer burden and employee taxes - for local and expatriates - in over 190 countries. Unlimited access 24/7/365 available via/by smartphone, tablet, and computer


HR * Finance * Payroll * Sales * Global Mobility * Compensation & Benefits * Executives * Business owners

  • estimate the cost of hiring and paying your international workers
  • get a full breakdown of employer contributions and employee contributions in your target country
  • manage your cashflow
  • budget your payroll cost for the global workforce in any foreign country
  • forecast payroll cost for your global talent
  • get gross-to-net salary calculations
  • use in HR planning


Recruiters * Executive search * Staffing & PEO * MSPs * HR & Global Mobility * Audit * Payroll & accounting * Legal

  • streamline your proposal/RFP process to surpass your competition
  • add value to your clients by informing them on employer contributions and employee taxes in foreign countries
  • help your clients make global hiring decisions
  • get gross-to-net salary calculations
  • raise your credibility and expert status of a global provider


Global Payroll Calculator widget is designed to be installed on your company’s website to attract more traffic and leads. It can provide your website visitors-employers with payroll cost estimates for the countries of their choice and visitors-individuals with gross-net salary conversions.

  • See how you can attract more leads and generate more sales by going with the widget. Add it to your website and give more value to your prospects and clients


To be informed means to be ready to act confidently. Plan your global expansion and foreign talent pipeline being armed with local knowledge. Find useful information on a payroll in 190+ countries in our database. See our Country list.

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