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Using GPC Widget you will

  • attract more traffic to your website and get more leads
  • access payroll data in your dashboard
  • prepare salary survey reports which you can share with your clients

When an employer has used the widget on your website to receive a payroll cost estimate, he is given the following options:

  • get a full payroll cost estimate (will be redirected to this website)
  • make a request for recruitment services*
  • make a request for a global employer of record service*

When an employee has used the widget to make gross-net conversion, he is given an option to send his resume to your company.

The data from all calculations done using the widget at your website will be stored and you can access it through your dashboard and use it for salary surveys for your clients.

To purchase the GPC widget unlimited usage, please choose your package and you can download the code immediately to install it on your website.
Start using the widget for FREE now and get more traffic, leads and new revenue streams.
The widget comes in 8 languages to give you the best experience - English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese and Hindi.

For full backgrounds on payroll cost estimate you need to use GPC. In addition, besides of essential data on total gross and net salaries provided by the Widget, the detailed tax information on targeted country to be displayed. The algorithm of GPC usage is the same as to apply for widget. Specify the input details, like country, gross wages, and candidate’s status (local/expat) and click “Calculate”. Regardless what you choose to utilize Global Payroll Calculator or GPC Widget, or even both, our qualified team keeps up-to-date with fresh payroll data and monitors the amendments applied to global tax system.

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