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Global Payroll Calculator is a unique solution for international employment payroll estimation. It is designed to provide substantial data on gross and net salary in a specific country.

After years of employment payroll expertise, we created this tool concerning the national taxation system across 190 countries. The complex diversity of transglobal taxes lies in the operation of core enforcement of the Global Payroll Calculator mechanism.

Advanced Payroll Tax Calculator is a hundred percent user-friendly solution, with a comprehensive cost of hire calculation option implemented in one click. Specify the input details, such as country, gross wages, and candidate’s status (local/expat) to get a desired return, including inland taxes. We commit regular monitoring of global taxation issues and provide up-to-date information on the latest changes, ergo you always get actual feedback

GPC Widget

Aside from the Global Payroll Calculator, a unique simplified widget is available for your company website. This appliance for express calculation of gross and net salaries is dedicated to both employer and employee who visit your website. Widget uses the core algorithm of Global Payroll Calculator, that displays only essential data on total gross and net salaries without detailed tax information breakdown.

Designed to bring more value to the site, this widget makes it possible to refer to partner’s or your own services by providing lead generating links within its interface. Whether you hire abroad or provide such services, payroll widget is a tremendous improvement for any platform.

Global Payroll Calculator solution is developed by Acumen International, the global employment solutions provider, and approved by a number of field experts. Get your thorough insight on a broad range of global employment tends with the advanced payroll income tax calculator.

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