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Payroll terms can be confusing. We’ve added a payroll glossary to help you make the most of this unique tool.

total amount of salary an employee receives on a predetermined schedule before tax and insurance deductions.

these are the deductions from the Gross salary depending on the individual and country. These taxes may include Personal Income Tax, Social Security contributions, and health care taxes that a country, state, or province imposes.

also referred to as “take home pay”, this is the salary amount an employee receives after all deductions.

gross salary plus employer burden related to the employment of such individual.

the service used as a vehicle for global expansion with a light footprint and risk-averse compliant employment of overseas personnel. Helping companies launch, expand and operate in global markets and use other people’s assets – local legal entities - as vehicles to hire, compensate, provide benefits to their international workforce as well as helps companies transfer their culture, values and Employer Branding to this remote foreign personnel.

the solution helping companies onboard their foreign employees fast, within 72 hours, when the need to do so is urgent. It is aimed at employing both local citizens and foreigners (expats) for you in time-critical situations, when you need them hired on the spot.

Searching and selecting the right candidates to be employed globally. International Recruitment complements Global Employer of Record service.

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